A Bad Installation will cause windows to be LESS efficient.

THREE things are needed for a great window install. ONE: Training on proper sealing of the window to the home. TWO: A high quality system of products. THREE: Time to do the project RIGHT.

As a Certified OSI™ Installer, we have the training to insure we give each window a compete weather tight seal. OSI™ offers the industry leading product for window install. We only use OSI™ products on every window we install. We exclusively use the Patented OSI™ Family of products; Including;OSI Quad Max™ (color matched caulk); OSI Quad Foam™; and OSI Butyl Flash™.

There are “Low-cost Window Companies” out there that use poor sealants, and flawed installation methods. This is something the home owner will never see. “Low-cost Window Companies” install a window in less than 30 minutes; thus cutting corners on labor and proper installation technique. They also use Low-cost Sealants and limited life caulk products .

We use the OSI Sealant System ™, providing a 15 Year Warranty . We know that Quality takes Time and Attention to Detail.

Whoever you choose to buy windows from, please ensure they use Proper Install Methods and Quality Sealant Systems. This will insure you get maximum efficiency on your new investment.